terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

I am Filled

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“No longer will I go for my good, carrying only a dipper to be filled. This day, I turn to the Power within, I bring 'all the empty vessels' knowing they will be filled and my abundance will become manifest.”

--Ernest Holmes

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Spirit always IS; therefore I know I must BE. As an individualized manifestation of all that is how could I not be? I know my breath is the breath of God. My heart beats in unison with the one heart. When I look out through the eyes of God I see God looking back at me. When I listen I hear the voice, the songs, the symphony of God all around me. I know that the power and presence of God is always within me.

Today I know that any obstructions in my life are simply made manifest from beliefs that keep me separate. I choose to take those spots that are separate and allow the essence that is God to fill up those empty areas with feelings of absolute connection. I consciously release my fears, my doubts and firmly plant my beliefs in faith knowing there is only One Infinite Source. I know that life is filled with grace and ease and flow when I live from a place of love and peace and patience. I know that I choose my thoughts, ideas and feelings which then manifest into my life as my reality.

I am awake and aware of my connection to Source and choose knowing God is my only supply. I know that fear is only an obstruction that stands between me and my good. I am grateful for knowing that God is therefore I am. I release these words into the law knowing it is already so. I let go and I let God and so it is.

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